The Tunisian Dermatologists Laser Group (GLDT) is pleased to announce the achievement of an official scientific partnership between the GLDT and the following societies:


• The Laser Group of the French Society of Dermatology (GL/SFD)
• The Dermatologic Aesthetic Association of the South East of France (ADEESSE)
• The European Society for Laser and Energy Based devices Dermatology (ESLD) website / news
• The Dermatologic Aesthetic and Corrective Group (France) ( gDEC)
• The International Master Course on Aging Science (IMCAS)



    Scientific exchanges will be realized between our partners in our respective congresses and meetings, with privileged registrations fees for all affiliate members.
From 2018, a membership certificate will be established for all dermatologists wishing to join the Tunisian Dermatologists Laser Group and the benefits of this membership will be presented soon on our website and by e-mail.

        For further information, please contact our General Secretary Dr. Ben Ammar Feiza by e-mail at:


Sincerely yours
Pr Samy Fenniche
President of the Tunisian Dermatologists Laser Group (GLDT)